It all started when...

as a kid my father would take me out shooting! There was never a "shooting range" that we went to, we never had any formal introduction or education about firearms - we just... started shooting. One of my first jobs was at a local range and I'll never forget the salty old veteran who would walk in almost every day and would eventually introduce me to formal firearm training and marksmanship. As I sought further training and instruction throughout the years I fell in love with this challenging and rewarding world of shooting and was even more inspired when I began teaching others and sharing this new-found passion. 

Teaching Firearms Safety and Self Defense is a priority for me -  especially as I see so many misconceptions and fears evolve around these inanimate tools which I have found to be so empowering and useful. I hope that through conversation, hands-on training, and FUN times on the range knocking down targets you can discover what I've come to love and respect about firearms too.

I'll see you downrange! 


Melody Johnson
Iron Defense Firearms Training