Gadget Radar: The Bolt Blocker - An answer to CA's assault on our rifles!

I was recently introduced to a really cool device and had the fun of testing it out myself: The Bolt Blocker.


 The Bolt Blocker is a genius solution to California mandated laws imposed on law abiding citizens and their rifles. It is the innovative answer of legally satisfying the new restrictions placed on rifle owners in this state. Under CA law, we have been subjected to requirements such as (including but not limited to):

  • Our magazines have to be "fixed magazines", meaning they cannot be easily removed and replaced (thus inspiring inventions like the "bullet button")

  • Magazines cannot hold more than 10 rounds (even possessing any that do is now a felony)

  • No more pistol grips (as if that makes them any less safe)

  • And more recently, if it is a semi-automatic rifle in addition to the features listed above, we are now required to register our rifles as "assault rifles" with the DOJ


The Bolt Blocker is the answer to this assault on our rifles. When I tried it out it was easy to install without having to damage or permanently alter the rifle, and was very practical and easy to use too. The Bolt Blocker works by stopping the bolt from moving forward after the trigger is pressed, which essentially turns it into a single-shot rifle which means, according to their website, that with this device you don't have to register your rifle as an assault rifle. To release the bolt you simply press the device which sits just inside the trigger guard and the bolt is then released, chambering a new round. Press the trigger again, press the Bolt Blocker,  and repeat. Very simple. This video demonstrates it being used. 

To learn more about the Bolt Blocker visit their website.

If you own an AR YOU NEED THIS! Enjoy.