San Diego City Council Approves Firearm Storage Ordinance

On July 29th the San Diego City Council approved 7-2 a new city ordinance requiring firearm owners to store their firearms in a locked container or with a cable or trigger lock when they are not in use or being carried. According to Mara Elliot, who proposed the ordinance, this new requirement aims to prevent children from accessing firearms, as well as to lower the suicide rates in our city. Although the current law already holds the firearm owner criminally responsible if their firearms are taken in certain circumstances and used in a crime or death due , this new ordinance hopes to take the law even further by making firearms “inaccessible to unauthorized persons”.

Of course the CRPA and CDCGO weighed in on this new proposal calling it “unconstitutional and unenforceable”, and will likely continue to fight the new ordinance. The CRPA summed it up perfectly by stating that the city “focused on criminalizing law-abiding gun owners instead of stopping the criminal elements at the root of the problem”. To read more about this most recent addition the the increasingly restrictive laws aimed at us responsible gun owners, click the links below.