Ammunition in CA after July 1st, 2019?

If you walk into any gun shop or ammo store in California you will most likely see signs posted or hear people asking about the “new ammo law”. While there is much confusion as to what it will look like or how it will be enforced, all of the information we get from the DOJ says that it is still going to happen come the 1st of July. The main push behind to get voters to vote on this bill was fear. Fear, because the year that the bill was signed into law (2016) the United States had witnessed a handful of mass shootings, most notorious of these were the Orlando Nightclub Shooting and the Baton Rouge Shooting. Reeling from these recent events voters were pressured to “prevent these types of crimes” by voting for Prop 63 (which also implemented the large-capacity magazine ban which you can read about here). In the opening section of the bill the writers appealed to the voters’ emotions by using skillful rhetoric and invoking out-of-context statistics about gun violence, but what was not clarified to voters was how these new ammunition regulations would in any way prevent these types of crimes from occurring. And yet, with so little to go on, the bill passed.

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 11.10.05 AM.png

According to the Information Bulletin posted by the DOJ this January, some of the new regulations beginning on July 1st will require ammunition vendors (i.e. gun shops and ranges) to begin recording all ammunition transactions and send the information to the DOJ, as well as requiring any person wishing to purchase ammunition to go through a background check and, anyone over 18 will have to apply for an “ammunition purchase authorization” (or, “permit”) which will be good for 4 years. Upon reading the bill in it’s entirety (which you can find here, ammunition law is found on pages 169-173) new regulations will also make it illegal to bring ammunition into the state of California from other states (I’d like to see how they enforce that), as well as charging certain “fees” to the vendors or buyers of ammunition in order to implement this new scheme.

So, not knowing what will happen on July 1st, we’ve got 11 days to stock up on ammunition before the state of CA attempts to regulate our ammo. With absolutely zero facts to back up how these new restrictions will prevent crimes, law-abiding citizens are once again targeted and forced to jump through hoops in order to maintain their livelihoods, businesses, hobbies, personal protection, etc… There is no doubt that this will be challenged in court and, hopefully, will be exposed as the over-reaching, unenforceable, fiscally irresponsible, pointless law that it is and be overturned.


DOJ Information Bulletin
Prop 63 - Full Text