Basic Handgun

This course is designed to familiarize you with a handgun. In this 6 hour class you will learn firearm safety and fundamentals, CA specific laws, and what you need to know about using a firearm for home defense, personal defense, or conceal carry. There are over 2 hours of live-fire range time as you receive hands-on training to learn how to shoot safely, accurately, and confidently. You'll learn answers to questions like: "How do I safely and legally keep a gun in my home?", "How do I know when my child is old enough to shoot?", "How do I legally transport my firearm?", "Should I own a gun?" and many more important topics that you should know. 


Shooting Clinic

This 4 hour intermediate "clinic" is your next step in training! You will have hands-on instruction as you fine-tune what you already know. This is designed to allow you to practice and work your shooting skills with an instructor there to assist. This clinic has limited availability so that there is more one-on-one instruction to help you build skills and confidence with your handgun. 


Private Lessons

When you book a private lesson for yourself, or you and a friend, you are booking 3 hours of one-on-one time with an instructor who will walk you through firearm safety, fundamentals, and shooting on the range. This class includes time in the classroom as well as live-fire time on the range, firearm rental, and ammo. It is specifically catered to each individual so we can address any questions or concerns you might have and go at your pace. This course is also perfect for the person who is looking to buy and would like to take a variety of handguns on a "test drive" and have the instructor familiarize you with the gun you are interested in, as well as discuss with you different options before purchasing.